Working @ Home

Thriving in the Lockdown

Strengths coaching to keep your energy up

For wellbeing or productivity

Set goals, align values & create routines

There are a lot of people out there who can help you out in a time like this, so find the right coach/therapist for you. How am I different? Perhaps I’m a little less bootcamp, ‘give me 20 more’ and more ‘what do you want? (sits still and listens). I’m aspirational for meaning and purpose.

Find out more about the Strengths Profile tool.

Strengths Debrief

Strengths Profile report and debrief over the phone or video.

1 hour session

$195 (GST incl)

Strengths Debrief and follow up

Strengths Profile report, debrief and follow up sessions.

3 hours in 3 sessions

$475 (GST incl)

Wellbeing Coaching

Sessions to talk through goals, values for wellbeing and motivation.

3 hours in 3 sessions

$425 (GST incl)

If you want to use the Gallup CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder), I can also debrief that assessment or if you want a free one! The VIA or a previous version of the above Realise2.