I was frustrated with myself and not doing what I wanted

What you were looking for when you reached out to coaching?
I was frustrated with myself and not doing what I wanted to do in my spare time.
How things have changed for you?
I have realized that with clear vision and some flexibility it is possible to get things done and achieve reasonable and measurable goals
What was the process like for you?
Excellent. Fiona coached me in a what I felt was tailored made approach that suited me, my goals and life style. She could articulated how I felt at times and helped greatly with setting reasonable goals for success.
Light as a Feather
What you have achieved?

1. I have achieved two big goals of mine in matter of 6 weeks. (Goals that I have been procrastinating for weeks and months) I have successfully finished and contributed my illustrations for Memory card game for the largest early education centers in Australia.2. I have finished a miniature illustration that will be auctioned in a gallery. (My first ever art work to be in a gallery)

Asiyeh, Illustrator