Do you find yourself saying any of these?

“I’m so lazy”

“I never get around to things”

“If I could just get my sh*t together…”

“I need to try harder”

Now, I’m never one to say drop your standards… just make sure your attention is on the doing rather than looking in the mirror beating yourself up.

Because it’s just wasted energy AND it makes you feel bad and feeling bad leads to wanting to give up.

Ask yourself- Is it helpful?  Am I getting closer to getting things done?  Am I making myself miserable, but believe this is the only way to keep my high standards up?

Does this sound like you? Maybe you are lazy (I don’t know) but potentially consider you’re doing some avoiding or have competing goals or something else?

When we beat ourselves up, concentrate too much on ourselves AND we’re dealing with stress or anxiety, putting MORE pressure on yourself does not work and can lead to feeling defeated and burnout. Sometimes less is more.