Strengths Profile

Want to improve energy and motivation? For individuals, managers or small business who wants to build team functioning or just want to learn to use your strengths more.

I am fully accredited with the Strengths Profile. This is an online tool that gives you an unique report separating your Realised Strengths (ones you use already) from your Unrealised Strengths (ones that can help make life more energetic and fuel change).

The benefits:

  • Start to reflect on what you actually enjoy doing. Think about the difference between what you enjoy and what you’re good at (sometimes not the same thing).
  • You can benefit from understanding people with different strengths to you. How to be glad people are different. They might love that task you hate!
  • Develop a common vocab around strengths work to help you discuss issues within your team or family.
  • Being aware of your strengths builds resilience and wellbeing and is an well researched element of positive psychology.

Inquire for competitive prices. Can be completely managed over telephone, Skype or your digital-voice app of choice.