What is Coaching, anyway?

People ask me all the time. Generally, either people think I’m going to shout at them while they’re kickboxing in the park or something to do with sport. What is coaching, anyway?

Coaching is a profession that uses Psychology to help people to flourish. Conversations that lead to change.

It uses the theory and techniques of psychology to assist individuals to change or transition with an emphasis on listening and questioning to ensure the individual is finding motivation in personal values. Coaching is different from therapy as there is an emphasis on behaviour change rather than spending time discussing the past.

Coaching engages with the latest research in Positive Psychology which is focused on finding meaning in life for sustaining contentment and change.

As coaching is unregulated, anyone can call themselves a coach. But there are only a handful of evidence-based, coaching psychology degrees in the world. The degree Fiona  has is the University of Sydney Masters of Science in Coaching Psychology which is one of the most respected. Every year students travel from all over the world to attend.