0c60a-350adb_0dcde5952b3d46a99878f2de9f032cfamv2I work with people wanting change: big or small. I specialise in time management, lifestyle change, anxiety issues, burnout and productivity loss.

Coaching is useful for people in a transitional phase of their life, freelancers, small business owners, artists and workers in the freelance economy. My strengths are: creativity, collaboration and communication.

I love studying psychology so I gather evidence-based techniques from theory and research that stimulate creativity, and connect people to deeper meaning and help them find their own solutions.

I’ve worked with hundreds of university students from all over Australia. I run the Study Coach program at Charles Sturt University and was a fulltime lecturer in the School of Communication and Creative Industries.

I originated and managed the program Composed which provides subsidised coaching to independent performing artists funded by the City of Sydney. I work with performing artist, novelists and playwrights, as a script dramaturg, to assist their writing process.

Fiona Green

MSc (Coaching Psychology), BPscyh (Hons), BA (Comm- Theatre/Media)