Fiona Green Coaching

Evidence Based Change

MSc (Coaching Psych), BPsych (Hons), BA (Comm)

I am experienced personal and career coach who uses an individualised, evidence-based approach and positive psychology. I work with individuals to assist with change and transition in a supportive environment.

Develop goals and explore new perspectives on life.

I believe in providing accessibly priced coaching with the highest standards and world’s best, evidence-based techniques and theory. Strengths-based coaching is available.

Consulting in over the phone or on video during the Lockdown!



Do you want someone in your corner? Coaching is non-judgemental but should be challenging. I’ll help you succeed and give you a safe space to think about what you want, why you want it and how to get it.

Get empowered today. Change is possible.

Personal Coaching

Want to do things differently? Need a space to reflect and experiment with new ways of doing things. Personal coaching is a solution-focused approach to change and transition finding more effective emotional, thought and behavioural patterns. Strengths-based approach is available.

Career Coaching

Feeling like you’re not quite in the groove at home?

Coaching will assist you through this challenging and thought-provoking time to plan and problem-solve to stay on track and keep focused. I will be a supportive and objective partner in this process.

I have worked as Senior Consultant for Audrey Page & Associates in redeployment and external job search, during organisational restructuring and for NSW Ministry of Health as a career coach.

Study Coaching

Study can be grueling. I know it myself! But I love to study and I can work with you to connect back with why you’re studying. Get motivated and empowered. We can work though the requisites of your subjects to make sure you’re approaching your work and study in an effective manner. Learn to work smarter, not harder.

Create habits to make study more routine and less arduous.

Coaching is not tutoring.

Remote Coaching

I love coaching over the phone. I think it gives people a sense of both challenge, support but keeps the mastery of change firmly in the coachee’s hands.

Questions Welcome

Does sitting in a room facing someone who is asking you questions seem like something that might freak you out? Why not do walking coaching? Some people just think better on their feet or in a park (my favourite) or looking at the beach. Mix things up!